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Common Critera EAL2+ Certified
Version 9.1

Standard Version

Wipe individual computers

Run WipeDrive on individual computers from a CD, USB drive, or executable file.

Download EXE
MD5: 6ec0e9071e613ef82e3915329be4daad
SHA3: dd6ea24824430504a15da967e8ff8a6c27744e47e809666a5a4f303e
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Run WipeDrive from Windows. Requires reboot

Download ISO
MD5: 0e5d95029d0ff0e13842a2d3492a3d58
SHA3: d20b788487968466ba07dfd95f93f3bc0f35498d6468596666e2a8cd
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Boot straight to WipeDrive

Download EXE
MD5: c9ffb597fd5f68c6e95a518550100bc2
SHA3: b3679a4a3fcc53265e253728c53d1ee47707d85592952a6d69794dd3
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Run WipeDrive from Windows. Requires reboot

Download ISO
MD5: f0cc140e8583c5700cafff67efef7cbb
SHA3: 676a24efe2845d2912fe9344b83cdddd3e91b2ba4870a5c3ad3883af
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Boot straight to WipeDrive

PXE Version

Many at a time, one location

Run WipeDrive on hundreds of computers simultaneously from a PXE network.

Download PXE
MD5: b1ef0caf1ee9a3360a9a28d87eb349c3
SHA3: 8875c2e50887e51faddbd61660fc0f4705155ed4b143a6f1becc7d59
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Download PXE
MD5: c21ff0fd4fdfab1311a9b10aa1fb61c9
SHA3: 5ca0a5222d7e526eb99402c427e75aecf86aa0609517a322b78465cc
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Remote Wipe Version

Many at a time, many locations

Run WipeDrive remotely on any computer with administrative access.

Download PsExec



WipeDrive Enterprise Manual

Download the WipeDrive Enterprise Manual for help with the standard, PXE, and remote wiping versions. You can also search our help center below for more help.
Download WipeDrive Enterprise Manual (PDF)

WipeDrive Enterprise Erasure Report

WipeDrive Enterprise provides a log file of each hard drive that's securely wiped. This log file is available as a PDF, CSV, TXT and XML file type. These log files are saved to a USB drive, network location, FTP, email and MySQL/MSSQL database. You can review our audit report examples.
WipeDrive Log File Examples (PDF)

WipeDrive Activation Methods

The WipeDrive license can be activated in multiple ways. Each method has distinct advantages and use cases. More information can be found here:
WipeDrive Activation Overview (PDF)

USB Dongle Instructions

In situations where an internet connection is unavailable, a USB dongle is required to manage your usage licenses. View instructions here:
Dongle User Manual (PDF)
Recharge Dongle (EXE)
View Licenses on Dongle (EXE)

Dongle Server

A Dongle Server allows you to set up an activation server on your network using a dongle.
Dongle Server Instructions (PDF)

Create A Bootable USB Drive

If you'd like to boot into WipeDrive from a USB device instead of a CD, please follow these instructions:
Creating a Bootable USB Drive

Custom Build

Paying customers can request a customized build of WipeDrive to automate the configuration, data entry, and reporting process. Over 100 customization options are available.
Request a custom build

SQL Query Tools

The SQL initalization tool allows you to initalize or update your SQL server to the most recent schema. The SQL Query tool allows you to view your SQL logs on a specified SQL database.
SQL Initialization Tool (MSI)
SQL Query Tool (MSI)

Help Center

Need help? Search our help center for answers or contact our enterprise support at 801.471.0497
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