Actual Cost Of Physical Vs. Software Destruction

What is the actual cost of physical destruction over software overwriting? Learn the benefits of using software such as WipeDrive.

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Updated: Jul 01, 2020

Let's talk about the cost of shredding versus wiping. If you're in charge of handling your old IT assets at your organization, old laptops desktops and servers. You're going to have a number of considerations. Today. We're going to be talking about the actual cost of shredding versus wiping. Additional considerations are going to be the data security the Privacy risks and we'll cover those in other videos. We do a cost analysis on what a typical shredding and a typical Erasure or wiping cost. This is based on a standard midsize company that's processing 5,000 devices per year. Shredding costs (or any physical destruction such as, pulverizing, incinerating, degaussing, etc., the pricing is going to be similar). So $6 to $15 dollars per drive. Wiping can cost somewhere between $2 and $5. Now the direct cost is the difference between processing equipment.

With wiping you don't have knives or blades to sharpen. You just have the software licensing but there's also the consideration that when you physically destroy drive it can't be reused and when you wipe a drive it can. So if you had a standard device that is still worth $10 after it had been processed then you're destroying $50,000 worth of equipment.

If you weren't wanting to reuse it yourself, there's also the tax consideration. You could be donating this to a school library or charity and get a tax credit. Add to that the environmental impact of that processed equipment going into a landfill. Some companies are obviously better than others on processing this equipment, but you never want to be on the receiving end of some bad PR because something ended up where it wasn't supposed to.

In a direct cost difference you're somewhere between $32,500 and $70,000 additional cost per year and you've got a much better solution for the environment in addition to that.

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