Big Power For Your Small Business

Get The Wiping Power Of Enterprise Tailored To Fit Small Business Needs

WipeDrive Small Business comes with an initial 20 wipes. After the 20 drives are wiped, you may purchase more licenses to meet your needs. WipeDrive uses military-grade wiping technology to completely erase ALL information from your hard drive or external storage media. Your data will be impossible to recover, even with the most sophisticated tools.

WipeDrive Small Business

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WipeDrive Small Business WipeDrive Enterprise
Uses WipeDrive's government-grade wiping technology Yes Yes
Permanently and securely erases the whole drive Yes Yes
Bulk license purchasing Yes Yes
Wipes up to 100 drives simultaneously No Yes
Wipe computers remotely No Yes
RAID support Yes Yes
PXE network wiping support No Yes
Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux Yes Yes

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WipeDrive Mobile

Wipe iOS Devices And Re-Load Most Recent Version Of iOS

Devices erased with WipeDrive Mobile end up in a like-new state with all sensitive data gone.

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Independently Verify And Document A Drive Has Been Wiped

When dealing with your company's most sensitive data, verification of a wipe is a necessity.

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Flexible Data Erasure

Purchase Additional Licenses 24/7

If you run out of licenses after business hours or on the weekend, you won't be stuck. Reload your account

Customized Reporting Options

Flexibile reporting options allow you to add custom fields and generate and store reports in whatever format you need, be it PDF, text file, or stored in a database.

Multiple Deployment Options

Wipe an individual drive, multiple hard drives simultaneously, or computers in remote locations. WipeDrive can be deployed on CD, USB drive, or EXE file.

WipeDrive Dongle

WipeDrive Small Business comes with a CD of the software and Dongle preloaded with licenses for your first 3 wipes. The Dongle allows for wiping in an environment without internet connectivity. Transfer more licenses from your Cloud-Account Code to the dongle as needed. More Details

WipeDrive Small Business

Why Certification Matters

Permanently Remove Data, Making Any Data Recovery Impossible

There is a significant difference between software claiming to comply with standards and the National Security Agency (NSA) actually certifying compliance. We don't believe our customers should have to verify that our software does what we claim, so we are Certified to EAL 2+, higher than any other software wiping tool. Our software was designed with our most risk-adverse customers' input to create a disk wiping tool that is highly efficient and provides the greatest security available.

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1-10 Drives

Wipe 1 to 10 drives, my personal computer or laptop

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11-100 Drives

Perfect for a
small business
or single job

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100+ Drives

Great for enterprise or government with larger volumes

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USB, Flash, Floppy
and other
removable drives

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Wipe multiple drives
at a time,
remote wiping

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Data Center

Multiple solutions
for data center

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Wipe iOS devices and
re-load the most recent iOS available

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Keep Programs

Wipe all your data but keep your OS and programs

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Verify A Drive

Independently verify a drive has been successfully wiped

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