Updated: Jun 26, 2021

Tech and Main Podcast

Data Privacy, Are We Doing Enough?

Technology tips and insights to help protect your business! Join your host, Shaun St.Hill, and guest Paul Katzoff or WhiteCanyon Software on this episode of Tech and Main Presents.

The typical consumer doesn't realize the value of their data. Your Social security number, date of birth, and phone numbers are all unique identifiers and should be protected. There are things here that need to be addressed and the politician's are not going to address it until we, the general public, demand it.

The knowledge and the mindset needed to really protect personal data hasn't reached the population yet. It may take more breaches that affect large portions of the population until we, as a people, say 'this has to stop'. We need the corporations to be held financially responsible for these types of data breaches before they are going to really step up and protect consumer data.

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