USA Today Mentions WipeDrive for Wiping Computers


WhiteCanyon's product WipeDrive was recently mentioned in USA Today as having a solution to wipe data from computers. The article outlines the value you can re-coup by re-selling old electronic devices but mentions the importance of securely erasing data before selling them, donating them, or…

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WhiteCanyon Releases SystemSaver, Pawn Edition


WhiteCanyon Software, Inc. today announced the wide release of SystemSaver Pawn Edition, a product specifically tailored to help pawnbrokers accurately appraise PCs, erase personal data from them, and resell them for a higher value. SystemSaver specifically address the increasingly prevalent issue…

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Secure Computing Magazine: Wipe Hard Drive


by Jennifer Farwell Smart Computing Magazine If you are selling a computer, or if you have experienced severe problems that reformatting a hard drive doesn't resolve, you may need to wipe your hard drive. Deleting files from your hard drive doesn't erase them and neither does formatting the hard…

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The Best Anti-Spyware Actions to Take


Federal Trade Commission Just when you thought you were Web savvy, one more privacy, security, and functionality issue crops up - spyware. Installed on your computer without your consent, spyware software monitors or controls your computer use. It may be used to send you pop-up ads, redirect your…

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12 Steps To Avoid Internet Phishing Scams


By Steven Warren, MCSE, MCDBA TechRepublic Some computer users (and even some IT professionals) have been confused about the definition of a phishing scam. What exactly is a phishing attack? A phishing attack is when you receive an official-looking e-mail from an online banking or financial…

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How to Completely Block and Remove Spyware


US CERT Cyber Security Tip ST04-016 by Mindi McDowell and Matt Lytle What Is Spyware? Despite its name, the term "spyware" doesn't refer to something used by undercover operatives, but rather by the advertising industry. In fact, spyware is also known as "adware." It refers to…

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Keystroke Logger Program at BYU


by: Tad Walch Deseret Morning News Computer Users at BYU Spied On; Hacker's Keystroke Logger Program Logged Every Keystroke at Open-Access lab Provo, Utah - A sophisticated keystroke logger computer program secretly recorded every keystroke Brigham Young University student Brian Skene made as he…

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Email Paranoia


By: Scott Spanbauer PC World I love the Toshiba laptop I bought last year. I keep just about everything related to work, school, and my finances on it. So when I received an e-mail from Toshiba warning that my model may have a data-threatening memory defect, I was anxious to find out whether my…

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Discarded Computers


Discarded Computers Containing Social Security and Tax Information Easily Found in Thrift Shops, Even Town Dumps WhiteCanyon's CEO Steve Elderkin helped Inside Edition's investigator Matt Maegher show the dangers of throwing away old computers without first properly and permanently erasing the hard…

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Old Computer Advice from NASA


By Lawrence Anderson NASA Office of Inspector General Thinking about upgrading or replacing your old home computer? While this purchase will invoke considerable choices, let's not forget about that old PC you may be looking to replace. Many of these systems are candidates for resale, charitable…

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