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decor Save Money

WipeDrive is typically a fraction of the cost of physically destroying hard drives and other storage hardware. We'll even match or beat the price of competitive software offerings.

decor Full Compatibility

WipeDrive is compatible with all machines running on an x86 architecture including all versions of Windows and all version of Mac in the last 10 years.

decor Free Upgrades

Enterprise customers receive upgrades free of charge as they become available. There's no need to worry about your user licenses becoming outdated.

Securely Wipe Drives To Keep Data Safe

WipeDrive Enterprise

decor Wipe SSDs

Use WipeDrive to wipe any SSD drive that is free from manufacture defects. Retain value and re-coupe part of their costs or re-use the drives internally.

decor Exceeds Regulatory Standards

Get the hard drive wiping software that exceeds all major national and international regulatory and technical standards.

decor Make Sure It's Really Gone

When you completely wipe hard drives of all data you can be sure that data will be securely erased and eliminate accidental data leaks. WipeDrive is the best software to erase a hard drive.

decor Versatile Deployment

Our hard drive wipe software cab be used to wipe individual computers one at a time or hundreds of computers simultaneously from a PXE Network.

decor WIFI Support

WipeDrive 9 can now wirelessly initiate, activate, audit, and report adding support to the latest hardware without optical or USB drives.

decor Instant Crypto Key Reset

Reset all encryption keys at the beginning of every erasure - protecting against interruptions and providing additional protection to all wipe patterns.

WipeDrive Enterprise

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"The remote wiping ability of WipeDrive Enterprise has changed how we handle recycling our old tech. This removes the hassle of having to coordinate shipping laptops back to us."

Senior VP Infrastructure, Deloitte
Case Study
"We achieved incredible productivity gains due to the automation and thoroughness of the software... WipeDrive has helped us to eliminate costly errors in a business with little room for mistakes."

Sr. Production Manager, Cascade Asset Management
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"WipeDrive allowed us to efficiently and securely handle all our data destruction. We cannot have any issues with data spills, with the process and audit logging we're able to make sure they don't happen."
Senior VP IP Infrastructure, CitiGroup
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"Data security is a top priority for our clients. We wipe every machine that comes through the door because we take security seriously. Our clients are very happy with our use of WipeDrive which has the best credentials."
Ivan Somyk, President,
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The Most Powerful Erasure Tool



Sanitize one computer or a thousand networked drives, configure a RAID or wipe drives remotely? We have you covered.
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Customize your functionality with dozens of configuration options, including flexible reporting options to log every wipe.
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Wipe Any Drive

WipeDrive can wipe Mac OS, Linux, and Windows devices. Supports the latest NVME drives and all SSD types. PC, laptops, servers & mobile.
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The Most Highly Certified

The World's Only EAL 2+ Common Criteria Disk Wiping Software

WipeDrive is the only data destruction solution software to wipe hard drives that has been successfully evaluated to the EAL 2+ Standard. The EAL 2+ certification is required for use by the US Department of Defense, Department of State, and Homeland Security.

Why Is Certification Important?

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