Updated: Apr 13, 2021

April 22nd is Earth Day

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle E-waste

Use WipeDrive to securely erase your electronics so you can safely recycle your e-waste.

  • The U.S. generated 6.92 million tons of e-waste in 2019. About 46 lbs per person. Of that material only 15% was recycled.
  • Recycling 1 million laptops saves the energy equivalent to the electricity used by 3,657 U.S. homes in a year.
  • Global e-waste volumes grew by 21% between 2014 and 2019. The world discarded 53.6 million tons of e-waste in 2019
  • For every 1 million cell phones recycled 35,274 lbs of copper, 772 lbs of silver, 75 lbs of gold, 33 lbs of palladium can be recovered.
  • Recycling circuit boards can be more valuable than mining for ore! One ton of circuit boards can contain up to 800 times more gold and 40 times more copper then can be mined from one ton of ore.
  • It is estimated that 40% of the heavy metals in U.S. landfills come from discarded electronics.