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We at WhiteCanyon have focused on making the best permanent data deletion software we can for quite a while. Throughout the years we've found and created many useful articles about maintaining and protecting personal information. We've organized many of these pieces together below. Hopefully making it easier for you to find your information protection solution, and how to make it happen.

To us, permanent data eraser is the best solution (can't steal what doesn't exist), but if you require a different solution, you might find some of these articles useful. Whether you do or not, we'd love to hear your feedback for how we can improve.

How to Reformat a Hard Drive

Reformat your Windows hard drive with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. You will also find information on re-installing your operating system and how to wipe all information before reformatting your hard drive.

How to Prevent Identity Theft

Thieves no longer need the internet to access your information—it could be sitting right on an old flash drive or hard drive. With tips on how to wipe a hard drive to information on storing personal information, this page gives you seven easy-to-follow guidelines for protecting yourself against identity theft. Find out more.

How to Identify Your Product Solution

As you shop around for hard drive wiping software, consider each product's methods, certifications, and scope. This page will help you determine your product solution for the specific needs that you or your company faces.

How to Wipe a Computer Internet History

Wiping a computer's internet history is an easy, regular precaution to take against slow performance and identity theft. This page will help you understand how to wipe a computer internet history in all of the major browsers and even from your hard drive.

How to Clean Hard Drive Regularly

This page will give you what you need to know about regularly protecting your passwords, stored credit cards, bank account information, and more.

How to Improve Computer Performance

Computers accumulate browsing histories, stored passwords, deleted files, and more that slow performance. This page gives helpful, quick tips for improving your computer's speed, and it addresses long-term issues that can greatly improve your computer's performance.

How to Erase Hard Drive Information

Properly erasing hard drive is important; but knowing what happens after you have deleted files is vital to your personal or company information. This page will introduce several articles that address a dozen issues you may face when erasing hard drive information.

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