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Clean Your Computer

The Disk Clean Up tool helps you free up space on your hard disk by searching for files that you can safely delete. Remove Internet files, unused Windows components, and more.

Cookies can be used to trace your online activities and are often used for advertising purposes. Delete cookie files securely to increase your online privacy.

Cache files can quickly accumulate and cause a variety of problems.

Your computer saves a list of all the sites you have visited in the last few months. Protect your privacy.

There are a number of ways to delete temporary internet files, but some are better than others. Learn how to permanently delete them the right way.

Seven identity theft protection tips to ensure your identity doesn't fall into the wrong hands!

You could give away your entire identity on a single computer disk. Make sure to protect your removable media.

Learn how to clean a disk drive and protect your personal information.

Learn how to erase temporary internet files with Internet Explorer, FireFox, Netscape, and SecureClean.

Internet identity theft is growing by the day. Protect yourself the right way!

Safely delete the contents of your temporary internet file folder.

There is a wrong and right way to permanently delete hard drive data. Find out how.

When you browse the Internet your computer stores temporary files that compromise your identity and safely. Learn how to delete these harmful internet files.

Erase deleted files checklist. You erased it, but is it actually gone?

A problem that would cause you to fix your computer, most of the time, come from outside sources. You could have went to a website and downloaded corrupted software or transfered a virus from a disk.

This tool can remove some of the known files in Windows and can improve your computer's performance.

Learn how to prevent identity theft from happening to you and your family

Computer spyware is today's #1 Internet security threat and is found on over 90% of all computers. Learn what the causes are, how to know if your computer is infected, and how to safely remove it.

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