Personal Data Erasure

Are you selling or donating your computer?

Make sure your data is securely deleted and your identity isn't compromised.

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Is your computer infected?
Get a fresh start!

We have several products that help you get your computer back to a healthy state.

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The most highly certified data erasure software

WipeDrive software is the only product in the world certified to the Common Critera EAL 2+ standard.

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Data security, feature by feature

You can find which product is the best fit for your needs by examining each feature in the list to the right and finding the products that match your needs. If you have questions about what these feature mean or what you need, please feel free to start a live chat or contact us.

WipeDrive SystemSaver SecureClean
Uses WipeDrive's government-grade wiping technology Yes Yes Yes
Data erased is securely and permanently gone Yes Yes Yes
Permanently erases the whole drive Yes No No
Programs and operating system intact No Yes Yes
No need to reinstall OS or programs No Yes Yes
Scheduled wipes of personal data No No Yes
Erases data on external storage devices Yes No No
Erases all data from iOS mobile devices No No No
Compatible with Windows Yes Yes Yes
Compatible with Mac OS and Linux Yes No No

Are You Sure Your Data Is Safe?

The World's Most Highly-Certified Hard Drive Wiping Software

WipeDrive ensures your data is completely erased and unrecoverable. WipeDrive uses military-grade wiping technology that overwrites your data multiple times using Department-of-Defense-approved wipe patterns, ensuring that your data is unrecoverable by even the most sophisticated tools.

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