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Completely erases ALL computer data, including your personal data, programs, viruses, malware and the operating system. WipeDrive uses military grade wiping technology. WipeDrive makes your data impossible to recover.

Download ISO
Burn to USB or CD.
Boot directly to WipeDrive.
Download EXE
Run WipeDrive from Windows.
Requires Reboot.

Software Resources

WipeDrive Home User Manual

The WipeDrive Home User Manual for help running the software.
WipeDrive Home User Manual

Create A Bootable USB Drive

If you'd like to boot into WipeDrive from a USB device please follow these instructions:
Creating a Bootable USB Drive

Activation Video Walkthroughs

WipeDrive: Cloud Activation

A video walkthrough of WipeDrive Home using an Ethernet connection. This is the recommended method of activating WipeDrive Home.
Cloud Activation Walkthrough

WipeDrive: Offline Activation

A video walkthrough of activating WipeDrive Home without an internet connection. This method should only be used when an Ethernet connection is not avaliable.
Offline Activation Walkthrough


Will WipeDrive Home Work On My Computer?

WipeDrive Home works on a large variety of devices and operating systems. For a list of system requirements, please check this link here: WipeDrive Home System Requirements

Can I Use WipeDrive Home Without An Ethernet Connection?

Using our Offline activation process you can still activate and run the software.

Looking For More FAQ's?

WipeDrive Home FAQ