Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Code Is Maintained By Company Employees.

3rd party outsourced firms may have malicious employees that are able to insert malicious code into the codebase. 3rd party employees rarely face prosecution for malicious acts. [1]

Protected Trade Secrets

Trade secrets are fully protected by Law.

Code Accessed By Local Employees

Code accessed by company employees in foreign locations may be vulnerable to digital or physical location attacks, allowing the codebase to be compromised.

Ensures Full Ownership Of The WipeDrive Intellectual Property

There is no concern that the WipeDrive IP would be stuck in International IP Laws

No Transfer Of Knowledge Capital

3rd party coders can publish their code as their ‘own’ tool with no knowledge by the original company. Also, when a 3rd party provider is switched for another firm, all knowledge capital earned is lost.

No User Data Is Accessible By 3rd Party Personnel

The financial liability is costly if user data is leaked by overseas 3rd party staff.

Unknown Security Measures At Foreign Facilities

Sony[2] is a prime example of hackers having physical access to facilities. Our USA facilities are secured and certified by NCSC.

3rd Party Firms Outsource Their Work

"Some [outsourcing] firms are sending managers to [other firms] and outsourcing work there," says Marcella. "Unless I specifically state in the contract that the third-party provider can't re-outsource it, what's to keep them from outsourcing it to [another firm]?" [3] Our competitor’s may not have contracts that limit their 3rd party providers from outsourcing the coding to another, potentially risky, company.


When translation issues arise due to language and culture difference it can delay code releases and bug fixes.

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