Updated: Oct 29, 2019

A Major IT Shift

Most Fortune 500 companies still physically destroy retired hard drives. This paper discusses the security weaknesses in physical destruction, the high cost of physical destruction due to the loss of the IT asset resale value, and the environmental issues associated with shredding as opposed to using a software solution such as WipeDrive.


More Secure, Cost-Efficient, and Environmentally Sound

Why choose to pay more for data destruction services like hard drive shredding and hard drive grinding when you can securely erase your confidential data with WhiteCanyon Software? WipeDrive secure data erasure software from WhiteCanyon will eradicate your confidential information without destroying your drive. Using WipeDrive is preferable to having your hard drive destroyed for the following three reasons: it is more secure, more cost-efficient and more environmentally minded.

Better Security:

Fewer Data Handlers Means Greater Security

Why subject your private data to a host of outsiders? Data destruction services normally involve several parties, such as the IT professional at the company with the data to be destroyed, a company liaison with a transport company, transport service drivers, and the data destruction company team. WipeDrive by WhiteCanyon can be used by a single person, so the chain of custody of the hard drive is far more secure than data destruction services. Customer trust is everything, so don't risk losing your data by passing it through many hands; keep your data safe with WipeDrive.

Physical Destruction WipeDrive
Data Security Yes
No data is recoverable.
No data is recoverable.
Secure Chain of Custody No
Chain-of-custody often includes external
employees increasing risk of data compromise.
No chain-of-custody necessary. Wipes can be
done remotely without moving the computer.
Cost No
Roughly $8-10 per drive
Less than half the cost of physical destruction.
Environmental Impact No
Physical destruction produces landfill
bi-products that are not easily absorbed or
re-incorporated into the environment.
Wiped drives can be easily and securely
reused within the organization or donated to
charitable causes.
Logistical Efficiency No
Drives must be removed and securely transported to the destruction site.
Drive can be wiped remotely without moving
computers or removing hard drives.
Secure Audit Trail No
Reports vulnerable to human error
and manipulation.
Audit trail automatically, and securely logs comprehensive drive identifiers and information.


Save on Physical Destruction by Reselling Sanitized IT Assets

Make money instead of losing it by recycling your hard drives. Data destruction services are pricey and they render the hard drive unusable. WipeDrive, on the other hand, securely erases all of your data while keeping the hard drive usable. Instead of paying a data destruction service to throw away your drive, you can wipe it with WipeDrive and then re-use it or sell it.

Environmentally Sound:

Recycle Drives Instead of Trashing Them

Another one of the reasons IT professionals are moving away from physically destroying hard drives is the environmental impact. Computer hardware contains toxic metals that can leach into ground water. By wiping hard drives, you can recycle instead of trashing them. This helps the environment and allows you to donate hardware to schools or charities—it's a win-win!

Physical Destruction Options

We understand that some organizations require physical destruction of hard drives in addition to, or instead of erasure with software. In such cases, we recommend having destruction options on site. This can help safeguard your chain-of-custody security by reducing the drive's touch points until it can be properly destroyed.


A Better Option

WipeDrive securely and permanently erases hard drives and other storage hardware that are being retired or recycled. WipeDrive will permanently erase all data from the hard drive, including platter, SSD, and NVMe drives, making any data recovery impossible. WipeDrive is the most highly certified erasure tool on the planet, earning the coveted EAL 2+ certification and meeting or exceeding all major national and international standards.

For more information on how WipeDrive can help you meet your data security needs, contact our Sales Team today at 801.224.8900.