Updated: Aug 17, 2018

Rethinking Your Asset Life Cycle

Data collected and stored by modern systems and organizations is increasing exponentially. All of this data is having an impact at every stage of the IT asset life cycle, and organizations need a way to both manage and dispose of a high volume of data and systems. WhiteCanyon is a technology company that is transforming the IT asset life cycle by partnering with its customers to reconstruct work flows and improve throughput to previously unattainable levels.

Efficiency & Automation

Using WipeDrive Enterprise allows for high volume drive erasure on our hardware or on your custom platform. The system shown above (built by a WhiteCanyon customer) erases 3.36 Petabytes of data each day and can be easily reconfigured for fiber channel drives using the same WipeDrive software used to erase a single drive. With WhiteCanyon technology, you can revamp each step of your IT life cycle--triage, reclaim, decommission, disposal, and asset transfer.


Full Service Data Erasure

WhiteCanyon focuses on creating scaleable technology for your organization to speed up workflows and save you time & money. WipeDrive integrates into IT asset management software and internal management databases, creates auditable disposal records, and complies with the HIPAA, FISERV, PCI DSS, SOX, ISO 27040, ISO 27001 and EU GDPR regulations. This makes your work flow fast, transparent, and globally viable. These advances in data erasure enhance the physical, financial and contractual life cycle of IT assets and delivers cost-efficient and timely information to better manage and control the business and operational aspects of IT.