Data Erasure for the Enterprise

WipeDrive has been developed with the enterprise in mind. WipeDrive is:


WipeDrive is the world's only EAL 2+ disk wiping software. It has passed dozens of certifications for efficacy and security and is used by many government agencies and other large organizations.

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WipeDrive provides an audit trail so that the date, time, and status of data erasure can be verified and proven.

Cost Effective

Physical destruction of drives costs $8-10 per drive, and WipeDrive typically costs less than half of this amount.

Environmentally Friendly

Unlike physical drive destruction, drives wiped with WipeDrive can be easily and securely re-used within the organization or donated to charitable causes. There are no landfill by-products.

Data Deletion Options

Depending on your organization's needs, you may require:

Full Data Erasure

WipeDrive fully erases all data on the hard drive such that data recovery is forensically impossible.

Partial Deletion

SystemSaver erases all sensitive information, leaving the operating system and programs intact.

Mobile Device Wiping

WipeDrive Mobile erases all data on your iOS devices and then restores the latest operating system.

Erasure Verification

VeriDrive allows you to verify the deletion of data, regardless of what program you use to wipe it.

Deployment Methods

WhiteCanyon data erasure solutions are available for a variety of deployment and use scenarios:

  • USB Drive
  • CD/DVD
  • Loose/externally mounted drives
  • Direct attachment
  • Over an existing network
  • Using a PXE network

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