How Can You Benefit From Detalys

  • ITAD

    Test and gather important information on each of your systems prior to resale. Lower your RMA costs and improve your refurbishment process with easy to run diagnostics on keyboard, touchbad, screen, battery, CPU, RAM and more. Detalys also captures hardware inventory data for your ITAD ERP system to remove manual entry and repetitive processes to resale your refurbished equipment.
  • Small Business

    When you go to donate or resell your PCs, you don’t want them to be returned to you for malfunctions or hardware failures. Detalys helps you test your workstations to ensure their components are working properly. The testing is simple and easy to run and will save you headaches on returns!
  • Corporations

    The lifecycle of computer assets require the systems to be returned to the leasor or resold/donated to 3rd parties. Detalys provides you with a diagnostic solution integrated with a wiping solution so systems can be secure erased and component issue flagged for repair. Recove more from your IT asset at end of life. Test 250+ systems simultaneously and report to your internal IT asset management ERP system.
  • Government Agencies

    The IT assets in your agency are valuable but can sometimes have issues. Detalys helps you diagnose these issues and provide you with a report on the performance of you system. This can help you plan out future IT purchases and fix current systems. Detalys is on the GSA schedule and easy to purchase today!


WhiteCanyon Software is excited to announce the release of Detalys! Easily gather system, keyboard, screen and computer diagnostics, from anywhere in the world.

With this new tool, small businesses, corporation, government agencies, or anyone who manages multiple computers can now run diagnostic tests on their systems and update their hardware inventory with an easy-to-use Linux-based Detalys program. Register for a trial download today!

For volume/bulk licensing, contact sales

Free yourself from the woes of PC troubles. Toolbox automatically monitors key hardware and software components, offering system information with detailed results. Advanced reporting keeps you well informed on system health, vastly improves troubleshooting, and reduces those time-consuming support calls.

Features and Benefits

  • Now includes RAM & CPU testing!
  • Diagnostics on keyboard, touchscreen and touchpad
  • More than 10 hardware tests for all major PC subsystems: storage, audio, graphics, networking, memory, CPU, systemboard, and peripherals
  • Detailed system information on all components
  • Supports most Windows and Mac computers
  • Detailed PDF Report saved to Any Location