Updated: Mar 02, 2021


Tech For Troops is a 501c-3 charity that turns donations into training, education and technology for veterans and their families in need. Tech For Troops focuses on gifting free, refurbished computers to in need veterans, spouses and the children of veterans and provides Basic Computer Literacy Training for homeless or long-term care veterans. T4T accomplishes this by only hiring veterans and providing them IT technical training for employment.

The Challenge

When donated IT assets are received they must be processed and evaluated for viability. The best of donated functioning computers are gifted to Veterans (over 1,600 gifts in 5 years) and the rest will be responsibly recycled or sold online. When companies donate to Tech For Troops they need to know that their data is safely destroyed. Establishing a relationship of trust with donors is essential in order for donations to continue.

The solutions

WipeDrive has allowed Tech For Troops to quickly determine whether HDs and SSDs are viable or not. And WipeDrive provides donors the assurance to give with confidence because of the Certificate of Destruction with device specific serial numbers for every device donated to Tech For Troops.


The WipeDrive software allows T4T to refurbish computers for in need veterans and their families. Like a stone thrown into a pond, the program's benefits have a ripple effect in the communities where veterans participate.

The main ripple is for the veteran, instead of relying on community support to exist, they are now a contributing member of the community -- spending money, paying taxes, etc. Finally, there are the outer ripples where that participation in the community impacts other businesses, schools, civic organizations, and so on.

By providing gifted computers T4T can also enroll veterans in their Veteran Improvement Program. During VIP, T4T provides Basic Computer Literacy Training. This training teaches veterans how to use a computer, personal cyber security, resume creation and soon, financial literacy.

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