Updated: Oct 04, 2021

The Challenge

DMD Systems has been an ITAD for 25 years and processes thousands of loose drives each year. These loose drives must meet R2 and NAID AAA erasure certifications on SATA, SAS, and NVMe drive consisting of SSD and HDD media types.

The handling procedures for each drive were multi-step and the erasure times was average for industry standards. Their requirements necessitated a certificate of destruction for each drive which was then distributed to clients, and finally archived
for internal processes.

DMD Systems had appropriated servers and other equipment in order to function as their loose drive wiping arrays. Ultimately they wanted to realize greater efficiencies.

The solutions

For their loose drive erasure, DMD Systems installed and implemented ten WipeDrive FlexStations at their Arizona facility. The time to setup the FlexStations was minimal and reporting was standardized on all of the appliances.


DMD Systems is now able to process a higher volume of drives, at 20% lower power cost (reducing their carbon footprint), with higher erasure speeds yielding a 15% improvement in their processing and handling times for loose drives.

Instead of using several unique drive wiping arrays, DMD has streamlined their handling and processing time per drive. The appliances also allow them to easily discover and remove faulty drives, which increases throughput. The FlexStations were a vast improvement over their previous wiping arrays, and the efficiencies have offset the cost.

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