Updated: Oct 11, 2018

The Challenge

With a workforce of over 45,000 employees spread across the US, Deloitte needed an efficient and 100% secure means of data destruction. Because the systems were across all 50 states, having the systems shipped to a central facility was logistically difficult while keeping chain of custody clear on systems with sensitive data.

The Solution

Using the WipeDrive Enterprise remote wipe option would allow systems to be remotely cleared of data from anywhere. This process entails an IT technician with administrator access running the application remotely on one or hundreds of systems simultaneously. WipeDrive Enterprise then provides confirmation via a audit log that the process has completed successfully.


Using the WipeDrive remote wipe option eliminated the need to ship unsecured data across the country which cost many man hours to track and maintain proper chain of custody.
By doing this one change Deloitte was able to save 41% of the costs previously needed to process reallocated systems.

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