Updated: Apr 10, 2018

The Challenge

With more than half a million systems reallocated or recycled annually, CitiGroup IT needed an efficient and 100% secure means of data destruction. Because of the extreme sensitivity of the data, prior to using WipeDrive Citi relied on actual physical destruction of the drives. Physical destruction is expensive, and wasteful as these computers can still be reused internally or donated to charitable organizations.

The Solution

Using WipeDrive Enterprise's PXE boot server allowed Citi to create an environment where large numbers of systems could be processed by a very small number of technicians. A single tech can process hundreds of systems daily leveraging WipeDrive's highly automated process. As part of this procedure, WipeDrive Enterprise diagnoses hardware issues to eliminate problem systems.

WipeDrive Enterprise provided Citi with an audit log for each piece of hardware, creating a permanent trail proving that each drive had been successfully wiped.


Citi not only saved money by using WipeDrive Enterprise, rather than destroying the outdated computers and drives, but they were able to contribute to the communities that they served. Citi now donates thousands of computers to worthy organizations, and lowered their environmental footprint by reusing their computers.

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