Updated: May 20, 2020

The Challenge

When Aegis Solutions was contracted to provide IT services to a leading health care provider in North America, one of the requirements was to have a data erasure solution in place that securely erased datacenter SSDs and NVMe drives and provided an erasure report.

Aegis Solutions reviewed multiple solutions in the data erasure market. The requirements for the data deletion platform were; NIST 800:88 R1 overwrite pattern compliance, proven real-world solution, compatible with Supermicro appliances and global certifications of the wipe process.

The erasure solution had to also handle large volumes of loose drives while producing individual erasure reports that were to be distributed to the client certifying the erasure of the SSDs and NVMe datacenter drives.

The Solutions

Aegis Solutions selected WipeDrive Enterprise as the data erasure tool after an extensive review of multiple erasure platforms. WipeDrive Enterprise was selected for its compatibility with Supermicro appliances and the ability to daisy chain multiple appliances in a PXE environment.

WipeDrive Enterprise was also selected because of its extensive certifications -Common Criteria EAL 2+, ADISA ADPC00036 SSD, and NCSC CPA - which demonstrated high compatibility on datacenter flash-based memory.


As a result of the partnership, Aegis Solutions was able to meet the clients secure processing requirements while providing a certified world-class solution. WipeDrive Enterprise provided a simple, powerful solution with a low failure rate and secure audit reports. The client was able to meet its internal data policy requirements of proof of erasure on every data-bearing device.

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