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Which boot devices are required? (More than one can be selected)

WD Menu Confirmations require the user to confirm that they want to wipe the hard drive. This prevents the software from wiping automatically

Number of confirmation messages before wipe:

Custom Fields Custom Fields allow you to create prompts in the software for specific information you want to appear in the log file

If selected, Custom fields are included in the log file. Each field must have a label specified. Checking "Required" forces the user to enter a value on every client.

Computer-ID, Username, and up to 10 custom fields can be included in your custom build.

Type of Wipe This allows you to select the wipe pattern the software will use to overwrite the hard drive

Which type of overwrite do you require?

Logging Log files indicate how and when the drive was wiped as well as including other information pertinent to the wiping process

What types of log are required?

Text Logging Creates a simple text document

PDF Logging Creates a PDF document

Log on USB location? Send log files to a USB connected to the computer being wiped or directly to the Wipedrive USB

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Advanced Options

Additional customization options for logging, prompting, encryption and other options.

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