WhiteCanyon Releases:
WipeDrive Version 9

WhiteCanyon has released it's latest version 9 of WipeDrive. The new features will provide a robust platform for SSD, HD and NVMe wiping. WipeDrive is a popular data erasure tool used by large and small organizations.

New User Interface

Completely redesigned interface shows more context and process data that scales from low resolution up to UHD!

Updated RAID Support

Broad updates for legacy and current RAID controllers means Auto-RAID dismantling works on more servers than ever.

WIFI Support

WipeDrive 9 can now wirelessly initiate, activate, audit and report over wireless networks.

Drive Life Expectancy

See the expected life on supported SSD drives to make more intelligent decisions on when to reuse, recycle, or discard drives.

Broadest NIST 800.88 R1 PURGE Support

WipeDrive 9 adds the latest support for using both “Enhanced Sanitize Device” command and the OPAL commands. Now more of your IT assets will achive “Purge” level security than with any other software tool!

Dramatically Expanded ERP Support

WipeDrive 9 will now tie in to your Makor, Cyclelution, and other ERP systems for seamless secure asset processing.

Instant Crypto Key Reset

Immediately reset all encryption keys at the beginning of every erasure - protecting against interruptions and providing additional protection to all wipe patterns.

Instant Crypto Key Reset

Achieve NIST 800.88 r1 “Purge” in less time and on a higher percentage of drives than ever before!


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