WhiteCanyon Releases SystemSaver, Pawn Edition

WhiteCanyon Software, Inc. today announced the wide release of SystemSaver Pawn Edition, a product specifically tailored to help pawnbrokers accurately appraise PCs, erase personal data from them, and resell them for a higher value. SystemSaver specifically address the increasingly prevalent issue of pawnbroker liability due to identity theft by securely and permanently erasing any personal data residing on resold computers while leaving the operating system and programs intact. SystemSaver Pawn Edition, a proven solution currently used by over 1,200 pawn locations, will now be available to the general pawnbroker market to help them transform how they handle PCs and laptops.

"WhiteCanyon has developed a product aimed at Pawnbrokers that finds all personal files and permanently erases them using our NSA-certified WipeDrive technology so they can't be recovered by anyone ... ever... period. SystemSaver does all this while leaving the operating system and programs intact and ready for resale." Said Nathan Jones, WhiteCanyon's VP of Sales. "SystemSaver's PawnShop edition is currently used in over 1,200 Pawn Shops who have reported not only increases in safety and efficiency in preparing computers for resale, but also increases in margins for computer sales of up to 40%."

The Growing Problem Of Liability From Identity Theft

The media is full of stories of stolen identities and the lawsuits that result. Many instances of identity theft are caused by discarded, donated or resold computers that haven't been properly cleaned of personal data. (text: One study link: /pdfs/NIAD/Sustainable_Success_e-Scrap.pdf target:_blank) shows that roughly 1/3 of all computers on the second hand market contain personal data.

Reselling computers still containing personal information is a risky and irresponsible alternative. Fortunately SystemSaver provides a comprehensive and cost-effective solution that eliminates pawnbroker liability while also improving operational efficiency and increasing computer profits.

Here's an overview of how SystemSaver works.

1) Accurately Appraise PCs And Laptops

The first challenge SystemSaver addresses is that of accurately appraising a computer's value. By instantly auditing the hardware and software on a computer, SystemSaver helps Pawn owners assign an accurate value in order to lend against it.

2) Reduce Legal Liability From Identity Theft And Increase Operational Efficiency When Preparing A Pc For Resale

Having an employee prepare a computer for resale by manually deleting individual files is not only time consuming but ineffective. First, there is no guarantee the employee will find all personal information. Second, there's a risk the employee will accidentally delete a file critical to the computer's operation, thereby rendering it useless. Third, data deleted through traditional methods isn't really gone but still resides on the computer and can be easily recovered by freely-available software tools.

SystemSaver solves these problems by quickly and permanently erasing all personal data from the computer while leaving the operating system and programs intact. The erasing process is essentially a one-click operation requiring minimal interaction. This not only makes the process simple enough for any employee to perform, but also protects you from the potential liability of lawsuits due to the borrower's data being stolen or compromised. Computers are left in a like-new state. It's like starting fresh.

3) Increase Computer Resale Values By Displaying The Computer's Specs To Potential Buyers

Once a computer is prepped for resale, SystemSaver will automatically create a custom-branded wallpaper showing the computer's specifications. By displaying the system specifications to the buyer, you increase buyer confidence and convey the full value they're getting with the combined hardware and software. Computers will be sold more quickly and at a higher value.

About WhiteCanyon Software Inc.

WhiteCanyon, Inc. is the leading U.S. provider of data destruction software, allowing consumers, enterprises, and government organizations to prevent data breaches by securely and permanently erase data from retired or recycled hard drives and other hardware storage. WhiteCanyon's flagship product, WipeDrive, is the only software certified to the NSA's EAL 4+ security standard, making it the most highly-certified erasure software on the market.

WhiteCanyon's customer base spans individuals, small to medium-sized businesses, Fortune 500 companies and government institutions, including NASA, IBM, the U.S. Army and Airforce, Sony, the United States Postal Service, and more . In the consumer market, WhiteCanyon's products can be found in leading retailers Best Buy, CompUSA, Fry's, Amazon.com, and MicroCenter. Additionally, WhiteCanyon has implemented a site licensing program targeted at businesses, corporations, and government suppliers and entities with sizable implementation needs.

For more information, please visit www.whitecanyon.com/pawn or Contact Us.


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