What Is Data Destruction?

What Is Data Destruction?

Data destruction is used to eliminate data on hard disks and other electronic media. Erasing data with internal tools isn't always effective, especially with large storage resources, and it doesn't guarantee information is completely wiped. Data is often destroyed for security reasons. If not, unauthorized users may still gain access to sensitive information. Hence, the benefit of data destruction services.

Why Should I Destroy Data?

Data on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and even phones can be destroyed in different ways. Effective and thorough data erasure can provide:

  • Individual and corporate security
  • Protection against identity theft
  • A defense against corporate espionage
  • Removal of all IT assets from a device
  • Avoiding potential cyber attacks

How Is Data Destroyed?

Data sanitization is a process in which no usable residual data remains on a device. The data is effectively gone forever. There are several processes in which this can be accomplished, which include:

  • Physical destruction: One example is scrapping a hard drive by shredding or pulverizing it. Hammering the drive, drilling holes in it, and other means of inflicting physical damage can work too, but while the drive itself may be rendered inoperable, parts of the drive platter that remain intact may still contain bits of data.

  • Degaussing: A high-powered magnet is used to cause a disruption in the hard drive's magnetic field, destroying its data. This also damages the drive's mechanical components and affects the alignment of parts needed for it to run properly. Once the drive is degaussed, it cannot be run to prove all data is gone. Degaussing is not effective on SSDs.

  • Data overwriting: The overwriting method involves removing old data by writing new data in its place, using the same physical storage units on the drive. Any old information contained on the drive is therefore unreadable. The data wiping process writes a pattern of 1s and 0s over what was originally there.

WhiteCanyon Software specializes in data destruction using advanced data destruction software. WipeDrive is so secure it can be used for government organizations and corporations with sensitive information. In fact, it is approved by the U.S. Department of Defense.

The product is more advanced than standard data sanitization software in that there are multiple deployment methods and wipe patterns. Storage can be wiped from individual computers or remotely, so drives on branch or remote machines can be erased. The software can be implemented on loose drives, and data center servers.

There is also no need to move a computer. WipeDrive Enterprise's remote wipe option eliminates chain of custody concerns. Once devices have been successfully wiped, drives can be reused or donated to reduce environmental impact. The data destruction software not only saves time, but it also costs less than physically destroying assets. WipeDrive also creates an audit trail that may be integrated into your ERP system.

For more information on how our data destruction services can benefit your corporation or government entity, contact White Canyon Software today at 801-224-2952.


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