USA Today Mentions WipeDrive For Wiping Computers

WhiteCanyon's product WipeDrive was recently mentioned in USA Today as having a solution to wipe data from computers. The article outlines the value you can re-coup by re-selling old electronic devices but mentions the importance of securely erasing data before selling them, donating them, or otherwise recycling them.

We were thrilled to be included as a data erasure solution and want to include our own two cents about why data erasure is important and how you can use WipeDrive.

Deleting Files Or Reformatting Doesn't Remove The Data

The article mentions that you can simply reset your phone or reformat your computer or reinstall the operating system to remove your data. While this makes it appear that the data is gone, in fact most of the data is still there, it's just a little harder to get to.

Take a PC for example. Reformatting a PC simply deletes the table of contents for your data. The operating system no longer knows the data is there or how to get to it. However, with easily-available tools you can still access that data. To ensure the data is permanently erased, you have to actually overwrite the old data with new data. Only specialized software like WipeDrive can actually overwrite every part of your hard drive to make the data truly unrecoverable.

Electronic Waste Is Bad Stuff

The USA Today article only briefly mentions the environmental concerns with tossing out electronic devices. The most environmentally-friendly choice is to re-use the device in some way. Wiping your data allows you to sell or donate the device in a secure way but all devices come to an end and have to be recycled. At that point, please do the responsible thing and don't just throw the device in the trash. Most electronic devices contain at least traces of potentially toxic metals that can seep into the ground and cause environmental problems.

WipeDrive Can Wipe More Than Macs

While the article specifically mentioned that our WipeDrive product can erase data from Macs, WipeDrive also works seamlessly on any common operating system including any version of Windows, any version of Linux, and of course, Apple's OS X. Our product WipeDrive Mobile can even wipe any iOS device including iPhones and iPads. Check out our WipeDrive Home if you're a consumer or WipeDrive Enterprise if you're a business looking to retire computers. If you need to wipe your cell phone, check out WipeDrive Mobile.


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