R2 Management Change: Introducing SERI

A new organization has been formed to manage the R2 Standard, one of the top standards governing the proper and responsible recycling of electronic waste. As of June 5th, SERI, or Sustainable Electronics Recycling International, is now taking over for R2 Solutions to manage the R2 Standard. All intellectual assets from R2 Solutions will be transferred to SERI. There are currently over 540 R2-certified facilities in 17 countries.

No explanation was given from SERI or R2 Solutions as to why the change occurred and many of the employees of R2 Solutions seem to be transferring over to SERI. Here at WhiteCanyon, we're big advocates of environmental standards like R2 and hope success for SERI. Incidents of improper handling of e-waste like this are far too common. As we learn more about the nature and benefit of this change we'll let you know.

For more information, read the official Announcement: New organization will manage R2 Standard and promote responsible electronics recycling.


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