Interview: "You Can Prevent Most Data Breaches"

Jason Remilard Interviews Paul Katzoff

Jason Remilard, CEO of Data443 Risk Mitigation, sat down with Paul Katzoff of WhiteCanyon Software to talk about cybersecurity, privacy and how to prevent data breaches. Here are a few excerpts from that conversation.

"You can PREVENT most Data Breaches. Basic cybersecurity protection measures will prevent most attacks. The cybercriminals are looking for easy prey. Just like a locked door will typically dissuade a burglar, having basic cybersecurity protections in place will persuade most attackers to try another target."

Asked What Are The 3 Things That Most Excite You About The Cybersecurity Industry?

The importance of cybersecurity is paramount to any country. Wars and battles can be won with cybersecurity dominance. It truly is a game changer for organizations and nations. Information is power and protecting information is the key to success. more

Asked For 5 Things Every Company Needs To Know To Tighten Up Its Approach To Data Privacy And Cybersecurity

1. All Data is Valuable - We hear about data breaches almost daily and most of them are of credit card information or logins. We are reaching a day where all data can be assimilated and processed for much larger attacks. An attack on logins for a small website, could provide the password for the network of a large corporation, which could then be used to access intellectual property, customers, or vital information. We are reaching a day where stealing multiple small pieces of information can lead to big breaches. ...keep reading

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