Data Lifecycle And Where WipeDrive Helps

Data Lifecycle And Where WipeDrive Helps

From creation to destruction, the data lifecycle can expose vulnerabilities at any time. Businesses of all types and sizes are susceptible to data being retrieved or recovered by unwanted parties. This poses risks, including anything from the theft of personal information to hefty fines for violating stringent regulations.

WipeDrive, an advanced data erasure tool, enables businesses, government agencies, and individual users to eliminate sensitive data for good. There are many ways data can remain on hard drives, mobile devices, and removable storage media even after a user thinks they have been deleted. With WipeDrive, you can:

  • Free up existing resources for new datasets.
  • Protect future data by completely wiping old files.
  • Protect archived data against security breaches.

WipeDrive provides tracking, reporting, and administration tools as well. It adheres to various global security standards, so can be used by any organization in any industry. With big data more important than ever before and growing in importance every day, your organization cannot afford to be concerned about who can access and use sensitive data.

White Canyon Software's WipeDrive utility solves this problem at all stages of the data lifecycle. Here are more insights into what this software tool is and the role it plays throughout the data lifecycle to protect archived, future, and obsolete data.

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