42 Percent Of IT Security Professionals Losing Sleep Over Outsourcing Risk

A recent study conducted by the Ponemon Institute shows that 42% of IT and IT Security professionals are losing sleep over the security risk posed by outsourcing.

In the context of IT asset disposition, outsourcing risk is of particular concern. The majority of companies we talk to rely on an outsourced provider to manage their retired assets, including the data sanitization or destruction process. If a company is contacting us, they typically appreciate the dangers involved with relying on a third party for data erasure. However, when having unsolicited conversations, most IT professionals don't seem to want to move data sanitization in house. It's so much easier to let someone else handle it. What they don't appreciate is the risk they're exposing their data to. It's typical for drives to sit in the "back room" for 1-3 years before being processed and sent to a data sanitization provider, during which time those drives are exposed to continued internal or employee risk. Once drives leave their corporate office, they lose control over their data and are completely dependent upon the provider handling those drives responsibly and sanitizing them quickly.

The bottom line is their data is exposed to potential risk for a long period of time and to a large number of people.

This is not only unnecessary, but easily solvable.

By bringing data sanitization in-house you can ensure drives are sanitized ASAP after being retired. In most cases, an IT technician can initiate the drive wiping process in under 5 minutes. Once the process is complete, you face zero risk, regardless of how lax you are in your retirement process. In fact, data security in the retirement process is one of the few places you can have almost 100% security if handled properly.

So, if you're going to lose sleep, at least make sure it's about something else and not your hard drive retirement process.


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