Interview: "You Can Prevent Most Data Breaches"

Sep 25, 2020

Jason Remilard Interviews Paul Katzoff Jason Remilard, CEO of Data443 Risk Mitigation, sat down with Paul Katzoff of WhiteCanyon Software to talk about cybersecurity, privacy and how to prevent data breaches. Here are a few excerpts from that conversation. "You can PREVENT most Data…

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The Effects Of E-Waste On Water

Sep 24, 2020

Have You Considered The Effects E-Waste Has On Groundwater? As technology advances, new devices take the place of old. But what happens if those old devices end up in landfills? The earth has limited resources, and water is included in that. We expect to have clean water available to us at all…

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WipeDrive 9.5 Release

Sep 08, 2020

We are excited to announce the release of WipeDrive 9.5. This new release improves WipeDrive's capabilities and its usability. There are many changes/bug fixes in the software, below are some of the highlights. For a full list of changes and updates in the 9.5 release, please visit our ChangeLog.…

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Capabilities Statement For Government Contracts

Jun 17, 2020

WhiteCanyon Software has been a major vendor for government agencies for over 12 years. In order to provide more detailed information to potential public clients, WhiteCanyon Software has released an updated Capabilities Statement that includes it's partnership with Carahsoft as their GSA provider.…

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WhiteCanyon Earns The HIPAA Seal Of Compliance

Apr 22, 2020

WhiteCanyon Software is a leading provider of data security solutions. We take this role seriously. That is why we have taken the extra step to become certified by The Compliancy Group and earn the HIPAA Seal of Compliance. We have been a Verified Business Associate since 2018 and continue to…

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WipeDrive Home Discounted During Covid-19 Quarantine

Apr 15, 2020

Get WipeDrive Home for Free The Covid-19 pandemic has temporarily upended the the routines of normal life for people all over the world. Millions are now forced to navigate a new normal of working remotely, home-schooling children and home based entertainment. These adjustments often mean digging…

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CEOCFO Interview With Paul Katzoff, WhiteCanyon Software CEO

Apr 08, 2020

WipeDrive: Data Sanitization Is Now An Alternative To Shredding Drives CEOCFO: Mr. Katzoff, what is the idea behind WhiteCanyon Software? Mr. Katzoff: At WhiteCanyon Software, we saw a need in the market for better data security, a software solution that can address the technological advances that…

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Global Impact Of COVID-19

Mar 31, 2020

The global impact of COVID-19 has caused uncertainty for many of our clients, partners and employees. This constantly evolving situation has many on edge and concerned for the future. We want to reiterate that the safety and well-being of our staff and your staff is our top priority during this…

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Disk Wiping Software To Wipe NVMe Drives

Aug 27, 2020

What Is An NVMe Drive? Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) drives provide faster data transfer between the drive and computer by utilizing the PCI express lane. This is significantly faster than both traditional hard drives and even SATA-based SSDs. Wipe Methods For Erasing Data On NVMe Drives Using…

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Secure Management Of Financial Services Data & Customer Info

Mar 11, 2020

Secure Management Of Financial Services Data & Customer Info Virtually all busnesses that provide financial services are required by law and contract to protect the customer data, credit card numbers, transaction records and other sensitive info. In order to securely destroy this information,…

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