Speed Up Computers

Speed up your computer by eliminating unneeded temporary files

Temporary Internet content can cause your computer's performance to decrease dramatically. If you remove this data, you can speed up computer performance while also preventing identity theft.

Removing the information is only half the battle. Preventing massive amounts of Internet content to be stored on your computer can help speed up computer performance by eliminating content that takes up memory. Manually deleting Internet content can be a timely process and instigate problems if it is not done properly.

Internet Content And Safety Tips

  • Periodically remove stored content from visited web sites.
  • Only download trusted material. For example, if you need to download software to do online banking from your bank, verify that the download is legitimate.
  • Set your Internet security features to not access cookies from non-trusted sites.
  • Run a system "defrag" often to optimize data loading.
  • Keep up to date on windows updates.
  • Keep your hardware drivers up to date.


When data is stored on your computer, the data is saved in any available location beginning with the center of your disk platters and working outwards. When you save a file, it will likely be broken into pieces and the pieces will be stored in several spaces on the disk. Defragmenting will take any files that are stored in pieces and re-save them to be stored in order. This speeds up the time that it takes the operating system to access a saved file. Defragmenting your computer can dramatically speed up computer performance. To defragment your computer:

  1. Double-click on the "My Computer" icon located on your desktop.
  2. In the "My Computer" folder, right-click on a hard drive (for instance, C:) and select "Properties".
  3. Select the "Tools" tab, and click "Defragment Now". (Stop all programs running on your computer before defragmenting).

Update Windows And Drivers

Software and hardware are constantly changing. Updating Windows and your drivers can prevent problems from occurring and can protect you by filling security holes. Common and sometimes severe problems are caused by outdated or damaged drivers.