Software Wiping Vs Physical Data Destruction

Why choose software wiping over physical data destruction?

How Software Wiping With WipeDrive Is More Secure, Cost-Efficient, And Environmentally Sound

Why choose to pay more for data destruction services like hard drive shredding and hard drive grinding when you can securely erase your confidential data with WhiteCanyon Software? WipeDrive secure data erasure software from WhiteCanyon will eradicate your confidential information without destroying your drive. Using WipeDrive is preferable to having your hard drive destroyed for the following three reasons: it is more secure, more cost-efficient and more environmentally minded.

WipeDrive Physical
Data Security Yes Yes
Secure Chain of Custody Yes No
Low Environmental Impact Yes No
Low Cost Yes No
Logistical Efficiency Yes No
Secure Audit Trail Yes No

Better Security: Fewer Data Handlers Means Greater Security

Why subject your private data to a host of outsiders? Data destruction services normally involve several parties, such as the IT professional at the company with the data to be destroyed, a company liaison with a transport company, transport service drivers, and the data destruction company team. WipeDrive by WhiteCanyon can be used by a single person, so the chain of custody of the hard drive is far more secure than data destruction services. Customer trust is everything, so don't risk losing your data by passing it through many hands; keep your data safe with WipeDrive.

Greater Cost-Efficiency: Save The Cost Of Shredding Hard Drives And Make Money By Selling Your WipeDrive-Wiped Disks

Make money instead of losing it by recycling your hard drives. Data destruction services are pricey and they render the hard drive unusable. WipeDrive, on the other hand, securely erases all of your data while keeping the hard drive usable. Instead of paying a data destruction service to throw away your drive, you can wipe it with WipeDrive and then re-use it or sell it.

More Environmentally Sound: Be A Friend To The Environment By Recycling Drives Instead Of Trashing Them

Another one of the reasons IT professionals are moving away from physically destroying hard drives is the environmental impact. Computer hardware contains toxic metals that can leach into ground water. By wiping hard drives, you can recycle instead of trashing them. This helps the environment and allows you to donate hardware to schools or charities—it's a win-win!

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