Selling Your Computer

Hard drive erasing software is extremely beneficial and allows you to erase all kinds of unwanted data from your computer. If you're planning to sell your computer, this can be an invaluable tool. It's important to know that getting rid of data from your hard drive can't be achieved by simply moving everything to the trash bin. When this is done, the sectors full of data still remain where they were. The good news is that instead of wasting so much time and energy, you can wipe out data permanently by installing a hard drive erasing software.

A Streamlined Process

The easiest way to erase data from a hard drive is to use data destruction software. This software is sometimes called hard drive eraser software or disk wipe software. To delete data, first you want to backup anything you want to keep so you will not lose it forever. Then download hard drive erasing software onto your computer. At this point, you will want to install the software or get the program on a bootable disk. This type of software is also called data sanitization software or disk wipe software.

Protect Your Private Data

The hard drive erasing software will destroy the data permanently and overwrite any information on the drive. This software can also help remove any unwanted viruses from your computer and protect it from additional harm. If you don't completely erase your hard drive you can risk providing your computer's new owner with your personal information such as social security numbers, driver's license information and bank account details. This vital data can also be exposed to potential hackers and other security threats.

Erase Your Hard Drive With WipeDrive

WipeDrive is enterprise-level disk wiping software that will safely and securely erase your data and prepare your computer for resale. Learn more about WipeDrive