Erase And Reformat Hard Drive Data With WipeDrive

For step-by-step instructions on how to format Windows computers, click here.

It's Time To Reformat Your Hard Drive

It's no secret that after years of use your computer doesn't run like it used to. Research shows that Windows slows down over time as new software, hardware, and configuration settings are added.

In addition, spyware and viruses can multiply and destroy your system in minutes. After days or weeks of computer problems, it's time to reformat your hard drive and start with a clean slate.

Reformat Hard Drive—Clean Your System

Many computer experts recommend a hard drive reformat at least once a year. Reformat the hard drive to clean out the Windows registry and remove any problem-causing files.

Reformat the hard drive to return your computer to its original configuration. Reinstalling Windows and other applications after a reformat of hard drive may repair previously unfixable problems.

Reformat Hard Drive—Erase Your Data With WipeDrive

An ordinary hard drive reformat will not erase your data! Your hard drive is full of personal information that can be accessed by data recovery programs even after you reformat a hard drive.

A recent study of 129 old hard drives (many of them formatted) revealed more than 5,000 credit card numbers, medical correspondences, pornography, bank account information, and other types of confidential data. Before you reformat a hard drive, erase personal data, spyware, viruses, and all other types of questionable data from your system with WipeDrive.

Wipedrive&Mdash;The Perfect Solution For The User Who Needs To:

  • Reformat a hard drive damaged by spyware or viruses
  • Clean and reformat a hard drive while rebuilding a computer
  • Erase and reformat a hard drive before selling or donating a computer
  • Erase hard drive data before returning a computer to an employer
  • Reformat a hard drive to destroy all data before discarding a computer to prevent identity theft

Wipedrive&Mdash;Reformat Hard Drive Data To Department Of Defense Standards

To ensure permanent data removal, the US Department of Defense uses a standard for reformat hard drive erasure known as the DoD 5220.22-M standard. WipeDrive is listed by the Department of Defense as software that erases hard drive data at the DoD 5220.22-M specified level. Erase personal data and reformat hard drive to Department of Defense specifications.

Wipedrive&Mdash;The Easy Way To Erase And Reformat A Hard Drive

WipeDrive combines advanced data removal technology with an easy-to-use interface designed to make it easy for users of all levels to reformat a hard drive. To run WipeDrive, simply insert the WipeDrive disk and restart your computer. WipeDrive will automatically display prompts to guide you through the reformat hard drive process.

WipeDrive Features

  • Erase OS, program files, and all file data
  • Erase all partition tables and drive formats (FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, and Linux)
  • Erase and overwrite data beyond recovery
  • Remove data in compliance with internet privacy acts (including HIPAA)
  • Reformat hard drive and erase data at or above the US Department of Defense 5220.22-M standard
  • Erases data on storage devices such as partitions, USB drives, external hard drives, memory cards, diskettes, zip disks, etc.
  • Runs even if the OS isn't working or stable
  • Boots directly from a CD or floppy disk
  • Supports any size hard drive
  • Verifies that all data has been removed
  • Creates a verifiable log file
  • Logs bad sectors
  • Allows users to view individual sectors