Purchasing Used Devices

Follow these tips when you are purchasing used devices:

Purchasing Used Laptops

  1. Must hold a charge of 25% or more on device
  2. Must have charger on hand, in good condition (i.e. no frayed wires or melted casing)
  3. Must be wifi capable and working
  4. No cracks, large scuffs, or scratches on device
  5. All buttons must be present and functional
  6. Must be windows 7 or newer
  7. Volume must work (should hear this upon start-up)
  8. Create new admin account at loan origination
  9. Username & password must be recorded and tested
  10. Any thumb print readers must be turned off or cleared
  11. Disc reader must be in working condition (if applicable)

Purchasing Used Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod (iOS) Devices

  1. Verify the Electronic Serial Number (also called an ESN) or IMEI with Apple. You can locate this number in the device by opening "Settings", "General", and then "About". iPad's and iPod's have their ESN printed on the back of the device. Once you have the ESN or IMEI visit this Apple website & check the device: icloud.com/activationlock
  2. Be sure that the device has "Find my iPhone" turned off.
    A. Open "Settings" on the device
    B. Choose iCloud
    C. Set "Find my iPhone" to OFF
  3. Remove the device from the iCloud account belonging to the pawn customer. Using a pc, Login at www.icloud.com using the customers iCloud credentials.
    A. Choose devices
    B. Power the device off
    C. Click the "Delete" icon for that device.
  4. Make sure the device is unlocked (no 4-digit PIN). Power the screen on & off a couple times to check if there is a PIN code in place for the device.
  5. Many pawnbrokers factory-reset devices before offering a collateral loan, to limit liability during storage. Make sure it is VERY CLEAR to the loan customer that you will be resetting their device, so they don't lose any important data.
  6. Clean the device using WipeDrive Mobile to protect the customer's information from being retrieved or recovered.
  7. Cannot be active on any phone provider.

Purchasing Used Android Name Brand Tablets

  1. Must have 25% or more current charge on device.
  2. Must have original factory charger on hand W/Device. (Important for Samsung, Amazon Kindle, ACER and ASUS products)
  3. Must have password, or remove it!
  4. Cannot be active under any phone service.