Is Your Data Really Gone?

When you delete your files, empty your recycle bin, or clear your internet history, your data isn't really gone. In fact with freely available tools (including our own products) you can fully recover deleted data.

When you delete files, all that happens is your operating system removes the reference to your file from its internal directory but the file remains there. Over time, the data from your file may be written over and destroyed but there's no guarantee that will happen.

Take a look at the chart below to see if your "deleted" data is really gone.

Deleted file No
Emptied recycle bin No
Cleared Internet history and search terms No
Formatted hard drive No
Repartitioned hard drive No
Erased with WhiteCanyon products Yes

How WipeDrive Technology Works

WipeDrive wiping technology overwrites the data and files on your hard drive, in some cases multiple times, ensuring the data is permanently destroyed and unrecoverable (even with our own products). WipeDrive uses the most highly-certified technology available on the market and is the only technology certified to the EAL 2+ standard. According to the NSA, data deleted with WipeDrive is "permanently destroyed as to make any type of forensic data recovery impossible."

All WipeDrive products use the same certified disk-wiping technology to ensure your data is securely and permanently erased.