How Do I Reinstall Windows?

To reinstall Windows 95 or 98, you will need a Startup Diskette and a Windows 95 or 98 Installation CD.

Note: We recommend using the Startup Diskette available on this page. Other Windows Startup Diskettes may not work with the following steps.

To Create A Startup Diskette:

  1. Download and save the appropriate bootdisk from
  2. After saving the file, double click on it to run the disk creation program.
  3. Insert a blank diskette into the drive and follow the prompts to create a startup diskette.


  1. Once you have your Startup Diskette, insert it into the floppy drive and restart your computer.
  2. Select option #1 - Start the computer with CD-ROM support.
  3. After a minute or so, you will see "A:>_".
  4. Type "fdisk" and press Enter.
  5. If asked to enable large disk support, select Y for Yes. (Note: Some versions of Windows 95 may not be compatible with large disk support. Select N here if it does not support the FAT32 file system.)
  6. Select Option #1 - Create DOS partition or Logical DOS Drive.
  7. Select Option #1 - Create Primary DOS Partition.
  8. The drive integrity will be verified.
  9. Unless you are planning to make multiple partitions, select Y when asked if you want to use the maximum available size for the partition and to make the partition active.
  10. The drive integrity will be verified again.
  11. When completed press the Esc key to exit fdisk.
  12. Without removing the floppy disk, press the reset button on the computer or press the keys Ctrl then Alt then Delete and release them together. This will restart the computer.
  13. Again, select the option to Start the computer with CD-ROM support.
  14. When you see A:>, directly above it is a message about your CD-ROM drive. It will tell you the letter assigned to your CD-ROM drive, take note of it. The screen will look something like this:
    MSCDEX Version 2.25
    Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp. 1986-1995
    Drive E: = Driver MSCD001 unit 0
    (In the screen above, the CD-ROM is drive E:)
  15. At the A:>, type "format C:" and press Enter.
  16. Press the Y key then the enter key when asked if you want to proceed with the format.
  17. The format will probably take some time, so be patient.
  18. You will be asked to choose a Volume Label, which is a name for your hard drive. It has no effect on the operation of your computer, you may choose any name you like.
  19. Place the Windows Install CD into the CD-ROM drive.
  20. Type "E:" (where E is the letter assigned to the CD-ROM drive, refer to step 14 above) and press the Enter key.
  21. Type "dir" and press Enter. You will see something like the following:
    Volume in drive E is 020409_1121
    Directory of E:

    WIN98_SE (DIR) 04-09-02 11:21a
    0 file(s) 0 bytes
    1 dir(s) 0 bytes free

  22. WIN98_SE is a directory, as indicated by the (DIR) after it.
  23. Type "cd WIN98_SE", replacing WIN98_SE with the result from step 21 above, then press the Enter key.
  24. Type "dir" and press the Enter key.
  25. If you see: SETUP (DIR) somewhere in the output, then type "cd SETUP" and press the Enter key. Otherwise, skip this step.
  26. Type "SETUP" and press the Enter key to begin the Windows 98 setup program.
  27. Simply follow the prompts to install Windows.
  28. Remove the Windows Startup Diskette when prompted.