Format Hard Drive

Formatting Your Hard Drive Is Easy.
Deleting Your Information Is Not.

Perhaps your computer is running slow, and you'd like to take it back to a fresh-out-of-the-box start. Or maybe you want to sell your computer. Whatever the reason to erase all of your data, you'll want to know, simply reformatting a hard drive does not clear the information permanently.

Reformatted Hard Drives Always Retain Information

Information on your computer makes a physical impression on your hard disk. While reformatting the hard drive eliminates key access points, the information is still there. The only way to fully erase the hard drive is to write over it.

More On Formatting

Your hard drive can store volumes of potentially dangerous information. Including viruses business files and forms. Bank information, credit card numbers, and personal logo summaries.

Erase Hard Drive Data Completely With Wipedrive

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