Format Floppy Disk

How do I permanently clean information off floppy disks, flash drives, and other portable media?

Note: This article features MediaWiper, which has been replaced by WipeDrive.

Don't overlook your backed up files.

You could give away your complete personal identity on a single carelessly discarded diskette. You need to do more than just format your floppy disk. Most financial programs will back up data to removable media such as floppy diskettes. Removable media often has the habit of getting misplaced or discarded. Identity thieves know this and make it an easy target.

Four Steps To Format Floppy Disks

Step 1

Determine that you want to completely erase and format floppy disk and other data on removable media. If this is correct, go to Step 2. If this is not correct, see our guide to cleaning your computer and removing all programs.

Step 2

Download and install MediaWiper. It is easy to format floppy disks and permanently erase data from all removable media with MediaWiper.

Step 3

After completing the installation, you will be prompted to select the function that you would like to use first.

  • Wipe Media - Wiping a disk will permanently erase all the data stored on it. MediaWiper will format the floppy disk after wiping it, making it ready for re-use.
  • Verify Media - MediaWiper can verify that a disk is clean by checking to ensure that it does not contain any file information.
  • View Media Sectors - You can select to view and inspect individual sectors on the disk to see the data they contain.

Step 4

Verify that your floppy disk is clean. Do this by returning to the first screen in Media Wipe and click on Verify Media. This will ensure that all data is permanently removed from your floppy disk, flash drives, or other portable media.

Key MediaWiper Features

  • Easy-to-use, step-by-step help to wipe your media
  • Wipe an unlimited number of drives
  • Runs from within Windows, no need to restart the computer
  • Double confirmation prompts to protect you from wipe mistakes
  • Wipe all data on partitions, memory cards (compact flash, MMC, memory stick, smart media, IBM Micro-drives, etc.), USB drives, diskettes, removable harddrives, zip disks, and more! Does not support CDR/DVDR
  • Automatically formats the drive after a wipe, allowing you to reuse the disk right away
  • User can choose to format harddrives as NTFS or FAT
  • Automatic update feature to detect if a newer version is available
  • Uses the same Department of Defense wiping technology as WipeDrive
  • Optional audit log reports keep track of drives that have been wiped
  • Audit reports include details of the operation performed, date & time, and an error report if errors occurred
  • Includes two wipe verifying operations to ensure that disks are sanitized
  • Advanced option allows the user to inspect individual disk sectors