Disk Cleanup

Make your PC run like new with SecureClean disk cleanup

It's no secret that your old PC doesn't run like it used to.

Temporary files, Internet data, and remnants of old programs are constantly accumulating on your hard drive. Without a disk cleanup utility, it doesn't take long before your computer is bogged down with unnecessary data.

Problem: Your browser is packed full of temporary Internet files, cookies, and histories. Additionally, old program files are left scattered around by Windows, and your system resources are being drained.

Solution: SecureClean, for lightning fast disk cleanup that makes your old PC run like new.

At WhiteCanyon Software, our mission is to bring you the most advanced disk cleanup software available. That's why we are one of only five companies in the world to have disk cleanup products listed as approved by the US Department of Defense. Use the same disk cleanup software trusted by Fortune 500 companies and government agencies.

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Three Disk Cleanup Tools In One Product

The SecureClean Scanner Was Engineered By Forensics Experts To Locate All Types Of Unnecessary Data.

Most people are surprised at how much data is left needlessly stored on their systems prior to disk cleanup. It is not uncommon to locate over 20,000 unneeded items.

Not only do unneeded items take up memory and disk space, but they also contain records of your personal information. Disk cleanup protect your privacy by preventing employers, family members, spyware, and viruses from accessing Internet records, old e-mails, and other types of sensitive data.

The SecureClean Scanner automatically sorts detected files into high, medium, and low risk categories. Users can then view, recover, or permanently remove these files with the SecureClean disk cleanup utility.

Find and clean data accumulated while surfing the Internet or during Windows operations. SecureClean is a disk cleanup utility designed specifically to clean data listed in each of the categories below.

Internet Disk Cleanup:

  • Address Bar - Clean the drop down list of all typed in URLs with disk cleanup
  • Auto-complete - Remove stored auto-complete entries such as passwords, credit card numbers, and other information with disk cleanup
  • Cache - Free up hard drive space by cleaning temporary files stored in the Internet cache with disk cleanup
  • Cookies - Remove accumulated cookies that web sites use to log your surfing patterns with disk cleanup
  • Deleted E-mails - Remove e-mails that are still lingering in old e-mail archives with disk cleanup
  • Index.dat Files - Protect your privacy by cleaning index.dat system files that store Internet records of web sites visited, cookie, and cache file data with disk cleanup
  • Search Terms - Clean Internet search terms with disk cleanup

Windows Disk Cleanup:

  • Autosave Documents - Clean up Autosave files generated in case of a crash by programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel with disk cleanup
  • Deleted File Removal - Clean hard drive free space of deleted files and fragments that are still accessible to recovery software with disk cleanup
  • File Slack - Clean gaps between file clusters where pieces of previously stored information still exist with disk cleanup
  • Printer Spool Files - Remove duplicate copies of printed files that are automatically saved in spool folders with disk cleanup
  • Recently Opened Documents List - Clear the list of recently opened documents with disk cleanup
  • Recycle Bin - Clean files from Recycle Bin with disk cleanup
  • Swap Files - Clean swap files created by Windows to swap information quickly between several running programs with disk cleanup
  • Temporary Files - Find and clean temporary files and folders with disk cleanup
  • Erase files with Department of Defense approved disk cleanup technology.

SecureClean features disk cleanup settings to clean data at or above US Department of Defense standards. Additional features include a right click menu that allows you to remove files from within Windows Explorer, and a drag-and-drop file shredder on your desktop.

Files erased and overwritten with the SecureClean File Shredder cannot be accessed by any type of data recovery software.

Disk Cleanup: Customizable Options

Customize cleanings, schedule disk cleanup sessions, enable password protection, and automatically check for updates. The bottom line: Disk cleanup software tailored to fit your individual needs.

  • Automatic Updates - Automatic updates for disk cleanup with the latest technology
  • Clean Specific Files and Folders - Clean specific file extensions automatically with disk cleanup options
  • Multi-Drive Support - Disk cleanup for hard drives, flash drives, floppy disks, and other removable media
  • Password Protection - Password protection feature prevents unauthorized disk cleanup
  • Schedule Cleanings - Schedule disk cleanup daily, weekly, or at shutdown
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 Compatible