Delete Temporary Internet Files

Easily delete temporary Internet files and protect yourself from identity theft
Your browser logs everything that you do on the Internet. Web addresses, passwords, credit card numbers, pictures, search terms, and other types of sensitive data are all stored on your computer as temporary Internet files.

Delete Temporary Internet Files To Protect Your Privacy

These temporary Internet files can lead to more than just embarrassment. Right now your chances of being a victim of identity theft are 1 in 4! Identity theft hits millions of computer users each year and has become America's fastest growing crime.

Delete temporary Internet files to protect your identity and your privacy. Unless securely deleted, temporary Internet files become a target for hackers, viruses, and spyware.

The Internet Cleaning Myth

Unfortunately, too many computer users believe that their web browser allows them to permanently delete temporary Internet files. A list of Internet cleaning features found under Tools/Internet Options gives the impression that you can delete temporary Internet files with a few mouse clicks.

Here's what your browser doesn't tell you:

"Deleted" files are easily recoverable. Deleted temporary Internet files can be accessed by hundreds of data recovery programs and free utilities available on the Internet.

Hidden index.dat files store Internet records. Index.dat files are hidden system files that store records of online activities including browsing history. Deleting temporary Internet files will not automatically remove these records.

Not all temporary Internet files are easily deleted. There are many places where temporary Internet file information is stored without your knowledge. To protect your privacy, delete temporary Internet files with WhiteCanyon's SecureClean.

Find And Delete Temporary Internet Files With SecureClean

Want to see the temporary Internet files lingering on your system?
The SecureClean Scanner features the same forensic technology used by the FBI. View, recover, or permanently delete temporary Internet files on your hard drive.

Want to delete temporary Internet files from your system?
The SecureClean Cleaning Agent will permanently overwrite and delete temporary Internet files so that they cannot be recovered.

Want to permanently remove specific files and folders?
The SecureClean File Shredder destroys data like a paper shredder for your computer. Erase files permanently with a simple drag-and-drop shredder right on your desktop.

SecureClean is US Department of Defense approved. Because sensitive temporary Internet file data should be permanently erased, the US Department of Defense created file removal guidelines known as the DoD 5220.22-M standard. Use SecureClean to delete temporary Internet files with multiple overwrites and random characters at the DoD specified level.

Delete Temporary Internet Files From These Places:

Sensitive data can be stored in many different places on your computer. Use SecureClean to delete temporary Internet files stored in each of the places listed below.

  • Address Bar - Delete temporary Internet file lists of URLs typed into the address bar.
  • Auto-Complete - Delete temporary Internet files stored by Auto-Complete that contain everything from names and addresses to passwords and credit card numbers.
  • Browser History - Delete temporary Internet file records listing all of the sites you have visited.
  • Cache - Delete temporary Internet files that are saved in the Internet cache. Cache files contain web site content, such as pictures, from sites you have visited.
  • Cookies - Delete cookie files that log your surfing patterns and compromise your privacy.
  • "Deleted" Files - Remove deleted e-mails, browsing histories, and other sensitive temporary Internet file data that can be recovered unless permanently erased and overwritten.
  • Index.dat Files - Delete temporary Internet file records stored by hidden index.dat files. These hidden system files record your online activities and cannot be deleted by your browser.
  • Recycle Bin - Delete sensitive files lingering in the Recycle Bin. Unless erased with SecureClean, these files can even be recovered even after they have been emptied out of the Recycle Bin.
  • Search Terms - Delete temporary Internet file records of keywords entered into search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

The WhiteCanyon Guarantee

Today SecureClean is used by major Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and individuals all over the world. Delete temporary Internet files and protect yourself from identity theft. We also offer a 30-day Money Back Guarantee on all purchases. Delete temporary Internet files with SecureClean, because what's not there can't be stolen.