Delete History

How do I delete history records?

Your Browsing History Can Be Very Revealing

It's no secret that anyone using your computer is a click away from viewing a list of all the sites you have visited in the last few months.

Even if you don't think you've been on any compromising websites your history may indicate otherwise. Perhaps you've clicked on a pop-up or two or frequently receive spam with links to various web sites.

Certain types of spyware can redirect your computer to certain sites or display pop-ups of questionable material. Whatever the case may be, don't run the risk of embarrassment, job loss, or identity theft. Delete history data and get the peace of mind you deserve.

There Are Two Main Ways To Delete History Records:

  1. The Insecure Way to Delete History Records

    Recommended only for those who are not concerned about their browsing history being recorded, accessed, or tracked.

    Your web browser allows you to delete history records by clicking on Tools and then Internet Options. A window will open allowing you to delete history data stored by your browser.

    However, records of your browsing history still exist. Data recovery software can easily access your "deleted" browsing history. Cookies, Internet cache data, and temporary Internet files contain tracks of all the sites you have visited.

    In addition, hidden system files known as index.dat files contain a second record of these sites and are virtually impossible to erase. For these reasons, you should only delete history records in this way if Internet privacy is of no concern to you.

  2. The Secure Way to Delete History Records

    Recommended for those who wish to protect their privacy by removing all Internet history records, and other Internet tracks such as cache files, cookies, search terms, and other temporary file data.

    Delete browsing history, index.dat files, cookie files, cache files, temporary Internet files, and other types of sensitive information with an Internet eraser.

WhiteCanyon's SecureClean is an Internet eraser tool designed by forensics experts and approved by the US Department of Defense. SecureClean allows you to find and remove all files stored on your computer that put your privacy at risk.

Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and users all around the world use SecureClean to delete history files and all other sensitive Internet data. Files erased by SecureClean cannot be recovered by any type of software and previously "deleted" files (including "deleted" history records) can be permanently removed.

Customizable options allow users to delete history files manually or automatically with scheduled cleanings. Automatically delete history files and other temporary Internet data daily, weekly, or on shutdown.