Delete File Data

Delete files permanently with SecureClean

Did You Really Delete File Data Forever?

Pressing the delete key does not permanently delete file data. Instead of removing the contents of a file, Windows will only delete file record markers. As a result, the free space of a hard drive is filled with deleted file data that is easily recoverable. Hundreds of people have learned the hard way that deleting a file does not delete file data. A well known example is Colonel Oliver North who had many of his "deleted" e-mails recovered and used against him in the Iran-Contra investigation. To delete file contents permanently, a file must be deleted and overwritten.

Delete File Data With Department Of Defense Approved Technology

To delete file information permanently, the US Department of Defense created file deletion guidelines known as the DoD 5220.22-M standard. WhiteCanyon Inc. is one of only five companies in the world to have its software products listed as approved by the US Department of Defense. That's why government agencies, financial institutions, and major Fortune 500 companies trust WipeDrive to delete data from their systems.

The WhiteCanyon Guarantee

Erase hard drive guarantee With WipeDrive. It is simple and easy to delete file data permanently. Try WipeDrive Home with one free license and decide if it's the right file deletion tool for your needs. To ensure your satisfaction, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all purchases. Use WipeDrive today and get the peace of mind you deserve, because what's not there can't be stolen!