Computer Disposal

Make sure you wipe your hard drive clean before you get rid of that computer!

Safe computer disposal requires a bit of caution--don't give away your personal information with that old computer. And if you think you deleted everything, think again!

Every year thousands of old computers are purchased from thrift shops by criminals because they can often find the original owner's personal information still on the hard drive. Even if it has been deleted, hackers know where to look on the hard drive to retrieve deleted data. The identity theft industry is getting so big that people are even bidding on old computers on Ebay!

Don't become a victim of identity theft! Before you sell, donate, or toss your old computer, make sure the hard drive is 100% clean!

Did you know that formatting hard disk data or deleting computer files DOES NOT wipe hard disk data, your files are still there! Use WipeDrive for a complete hard disk wipe in compliance with US Department of Defense standards. WipeDrive is used by major Fortune 500 companies around the world and makes computer Internet security safe and easy.