Clear Cache Files

How do I clear cache files?

In order to speed up loading time, your browser stores temporary information in an Internet cache. Cache files can quickly accumulate and cause a variety of problems.

All types of picture and text files from sites you have visited are stored in the cache and can be accessed by anyone. Additionally, clear cache data to avoid system slow downs or running out of disk space. For a faster and more secure system, clear cache files from your computer.

1. The Insecure Way To Clear Cache Files:

Recommended only for those who wish to free up disk space and are not concerned about Internet privacy

Your web browser allows you to clear cache files by clicking on Tools and then Internet Options. A window will open allowing you to delete temporary files which will clear cache data stored by your browser.

You now have a clear cache however your privacy not protected. Even if you clear cache, cookie, and history data, other tracks of your web surfing remain. Hidden system files known as index.dat files contain a second record of all the sites you have visited and are virtually impossible to erase.

Additionally data recovery software can easily access "deleted" Internet files. Because of this, you should only clear cache files in this way if Internet privacy is of no concern to you.

2. The Secure Way To Clear Cache Files

Recommended for those who wish to speed up their computer, free up hard drive space, and protect their privacy by clearing all files left on their computer.

Protect your privacy and clear cache files, history records, cookies, search terms, and all other records. WhiteCanyon's WipeDrive is a hard drive cleaning tool designed by forensics experts and approved by the US Department of Defense.