Clean Up My Computer

Did you know that Windows stores unneeded traces of your personal information, including passwords, credit card numbers, and previously deleted data, e-mail and more, all without you even knowing it?

As Windows and other applications store this unnecessary data, two things happen. First, your computer slows down and becomes filled with clutter. Second, temporary files leave traces of your personal information on your system that expose you to ID theft. With SecureClean, you can reclaim wasted disk space and improve computer speed by removing unnecessary data, sensitive information, and unwanted files.

Clean Up My Computer With SecureClean:

  • Clean Your Browsing History
  • Remove Temporary Internet Files
  • Delete Adware and Cookies
  • Clean Up Other Sensitive Internet Data
  • Permanently Erase Deleted Files
  • Remove Temporary Files
  • Erase Autosave Documents
  • Clear Windows Explorer Search Terms
  • Clean Up Swap Files
  • Remove File Slack

Clean Up My Computer To Improve System Performance

By removing unnecessary data, traces of your information, and unwanted files, SecureClean effectively reclaims wasted disk space and keeps your computer clean. SecureClean maintains computer performance with regular cleanings, while leaving your programs and Operating System intact.

Clean Up My Computer To Avoid Identity Theft

Windows and other applications often leave snippets of your Internet activities out in the open, leaving you vulnerable to identity theft. SecureClean keeps your computer clean and helps protect you from identity theft by permanently removing unwanted disk clutter, web surfing history, and individual files, while leaving your programs, files, and operating system intact.

If you are selling, donating, or discarding your computer, or need to clean everything off your computer including your operating system, then check out WipeDrive.

Easily Clean Up My Computer

  • Locate and remove unneeded traces of personal identity information left by Windows and other programs.
  • Find, recover, or permanently erase previously deleted files and alternate data streams.
  • Find and erase both current and corrupted Internet cookies and history data.
  • Permanently erase unwanted previously deleted messages lingering in e-mail archives from popular e-mail programs like America Online®, Microsoft Outlook®, Outlook Express®, Netscape®, and Eudora®.
  • Safely and reliably reclaim wasted disk space.

SecureClean Is Simple To Use

SecureClean scans your hard drive for deleted and hidden personal information. SecureClean then completely cleans your computer hard drive.

SecureClean can clean your computer at any time, or you can schedule SecureClean to automatically clean your hard drive every day, week, or month, or you can customize your cleaning schedule.

You also have the choice of Quick Cleaning or Deep Cleaning. You need to clean hard drive data, and SecureClean makes it easy!

Why Should I Use SecureClean To Clean Up My Computer?

We have done significant research and testing of the top competitors to SecureClean. Do you want your files permanently removed or just moved from one place to another on your computer? If you want them permanently removed or wiped, you need SecureClean.

Feature Comparison Chart:

SecureClean Competition
Free, automatic updates Yes Many
Securely wipes (NOT just deletes) browsing history in Internet Explorer, FireFox, and Chrome Yes Few
Customizable cleaner schedule and settings Yes Few
Secure cleaning of recycled files (Does NOT occur with the Windows Recycle Bin) Yes Few
Permanently eliminates temporary internet files and web page cookies Yes Few
Securely removes sensitive internet data such as social security numbers, bank accounts, and credit card numbers Yes Few
Cleans out Microsoft Office program histories, including temp and backup files Yes Few
Uses the unique File Zapper to securely and permanently delete individual files Yes No
Effectively wipes Google, MSN, and Windows Explorer search terms Yes No
Advanced disk space optimization feature
(reduces cleaning time on computers with LARGE amounts of unused disk space)
Yes No


"After checking out several tools to clean up my computer, SecureClean was definitely the right choice. It cleaned over 50 megabytes of wasted space and also took care of some files that I wanted gone for good. Rather than trying to remove temporary files manually, I simply let SecureClean clean up my computer each week. The performance results have exceeded my expectations."

- David W. - Marketing Manager