Easily Clean Pc Data With SecureClean

Millions of computer users now protect their privacy with cleaning software.

While surfing the internet, working at the office, or using the family computer, tracks are constantly being left of your activities. Internet histories, search terms, passwords, credit card numbers, old emails, and other types of confidential data are often stored on your hard drive without your knowledge.

The result of this information being discovered may include embarrassment, job loss, or identity theft (America's fastest growing crime).

To protect your privacy, SecureClean uses technology approved by the US Department of Defense to clean PC data permanently. Use the same tools employed by Fortune 500 companies and government agencies to scan for security threats, remove internet records and clean PC data.

The SecureClean Scanner Features Technology Used By Forensics Experts To Locate Sensitive Data

Most people are surprised to find thousands of unnecessary files and fragments stored on their computer. Clean PC data to prevent employers, family members, spyware, and viruses from accessing your personal information.

Files are automatically sorted into high, medium, and low risk categories and can be viewed, recovered, or deleted permanently.

Internet Privacy:

  • Address Bar - Clean PC records of URLs typed into the address bar
  • Auto-Complete - Clean PC data stored by Auto-Complete. This includes entries such as passwords, credit card numbers, addresses, phone numbers, and more
  • Cache - Clean PC files from visited websites stored in the internet cache
  • Cookies - Clean PC cookies that are used to collect personal information for advertising purposes
  • Deleted E-mails - Remove supposedly deleted e-mails left in old e-mail archives
  • Index.dat Files - Clean PC system files such as index.dat files that store internet information including a record of web sites visited
  • Search Terms - Clean PC records of search terms and keywords

Windows Cleaning:

  • Autosave Documents - Microsoft Word, Excel, and other programs create Autosave files in case of a crash. Remove Autosave files and clean PC records of confidential documents that are automatically stored without your knowledge
  • Deleted File Removal - Clean PC data stored on the free space of a hard drive so that it cannot be recovered
  • File Slack - Clean gaps between file clusters where pieces of previously stored information still exist
  • Recently Opened Documents List - Clean PC records of recently opened documents
  • Recycle Bin - Clean PC files stored in the Recycle Bin
  • Swap Files - Clean PC swap files that contain bits of data from all open programs
  • Temporary Files - Find and clean PC temporary files and folders

Other Cleaning Features

  • Drag-and-Drop File Shredding - Clean hard drive data right from the desktop with a drag-and-drop file shredder
  • Multiple Overwrites - Customize SecureClean to clean PC data with multiple overwrites
  • Overwrite Verification - Clean PC data and verify that the data has been removed and overwritten
  • Right Click File Removal - Clean PC data in Windows Explorer with an easy-to-use right click file removal menu
  • US DoD 5220.22-M Approved - SecureClean is approved by the US Department of Defense as a data removal tool

Clean PC data with SecureClean, because what's not there can't be stolen.