Clean Hard Drive

Deleting Data

Deleting a file or formatting a hard drive will not remove all data. Use WipeDrive to permanently clean hard drive data before selling, donating, returning, or reformatting a computer. Use Department of Defense approved technology to clean hard drive data so that it cannot be recovered. WipeDrive is trusted and used by major Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, and government agencies to permanently clean hard drive data. Erase and clean hard drive data with WipeDrive; because what's not there can't be stolen.

Prevent Identity Theft

Identity theft has become the fastest growing crime in America. CBS News reported that every 79 seconds a thief hacks into a computer, steals a victim's identity, and then goes on a buying spree. Your computer contains information such as passwords, online banking information, credit card numbers, Internet histories, and "deleted" files that are still recoverable. Use SecureClean to find and clean hard drive data that puts your privacy at risk. Clean hard drive files from your desktop with the drag-and-drop SecureClean File Shredder. Protect your privacy by cleaning hard drive files and folders with SecureClean.

Erase Storage Media

A single carelessly discarded disk could cost you thousands! Most companies back up financial information, corporate data, and client records to some type of removable media. MediaWiper is the only product on the market which can permanently erase removable media and clean hard drive data on drive partitions in Windows. Clean removable hard drives, diskettes, memory cards, USB drives, zip disks, and more. Don't overlook your backed up files, use MediaWiper to permanently erase your removable media.

WhiteCanyon, Inc. is a leading provider of security software employing permanent deletion technology. Our products are used by individuals, corporations, and government agencies all over the world to clean hard drive data and prevent identity theft.

WhiteCanyon Software Solutions:
WipeDrive - Clean ALL hard drive data
SecureClean - Clean internet records and sensitive files
MediaWiper - Clean removable media and secondary hard drives (bundled with WipeDrive)