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Remarketer Solutions for End-of-Life Storage Hardware

WipeDrive provides secure, affordable, traceable, and environmentally-friendly solution to erasing hard drives and other storage hardware at their end of life.


Remarketers are held to the highest standards of data security which is why they choose WipeDrive. WipeDrive is the only disk-wiping technology that has been certified to NIAP's EAL4+ standard. In addition, WipeDrive meets or exceeds all major certifications and standards including HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and the Common Criteria standard. According to the NSA, data deleted with WipeDrive is "permanently destroyed as to make any type of forensic data recovery impossible."


Keeping costs low is key to running a successful remarketing business. Using WipeDrive to erase data is a fraction of the cost of physically destroying hard drives - a commonly used method of data destruction. Not only is the hard cost-per-drive lower, you also achieve labor savings since disks don't need to be transferred to the location of physical destruction. With WipeDrive the process is fast, efficient, and effective.


WipeDrive provides thorough and robust reporting options that both you and your customers will love. Secure reports show internal drive data and confirm information about the wiping process. Reports are produced automatically and are unable to be manipulated, eliminating human error.

Environmentally and Socially Conscious

One of the reasons remarketers are moving away from physically destroying hard drives when possible is the environmental impact. Computer hardware contains toxic metals that, when placed in landfills, can leach into the ground water. By wiping drives, you can recycle hard drives instead of trashing them. This not only helps the environment but allows you to donate hardware to schools or charities. As a remarketer, your customers will be happy to know that you destroy their data in an environmentally and socially conscious way.

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